Monthly Archives: February 2011

Time to make a move?

Following the Bank of England’s decision on Thursday to maintain a 0.5% base rate, all eyes are focused on the economic recovery. Despite the fact we’re still coming out of turbulent times, now is still a great time to purchase … Continue reading

Pros and cons of using a letting agent

Anyone who is looking to rent out a property will at some point come to ask themselves “should I use a letting agency?” It can be a difficult decision to make and involves weighing up a lot of costs and … Continue reading

Pros and cons of becoming a green landlord

In recent years people have started to become much more aware of green issues and the impact of high energy usage. Not only are people worrying more about carbon emissions but also about the lack of renewable energy sources being … Continue reading

Top tips for attracting tenants

With the housing market currently in a state of disarray and first time buyers finding it close to impossible to get a mortgage, the renting market is very strong at the moment. However, just because people need to rent doesn’t … Continue reading

Who needs Unoccupied Property Insurance?

Put very simply, anyone with a property that is not currently occupied! Unoccupied property insurance is available and ideal for anyone with a residence that is not in use and so is suitable for a wide variety of situations and … Continue reading

Making the most of your second home

According to recent statistics, around 6% of all UK households own a second property in the UK. This means that there are around 1.7m second homes in the UK, many of which are holiday homes which will spend most of … Continue reading

Is now the time to become a landlord?

This week Nationwide announced that house prices have continued to fall during the start of 2011 and are predicted to continue falling over the coming months. However, although house prices are falling, first time buyers are still finding incredibly hard … Continue reading

Top Tips for Landlords

Whether you are becoming a landlord for the first time or just looking to make more of your properties we have the advice you need to protect your investment and maximise its potential. 1. Choose tenants wisely – Make sure … Continue reading