Monthly Archives: March 2012

Price Increases

As we come towards the end of the financial year, there will be plenty of landlords who are thinking of raising rent. With inflation at about 5%, costs are starting to spiral and an interest rate rise is looking very … Continue reading

Inadequate Precautions

A case settled yesterday between a landlord and a tenant who was killed in a fire in a Cambridgeshire property has resulted in the landlord being fined £10,000 and required to pay legal fees of £6,000. The judge described the … Continue reading

Flexible Investing

When you plump up the cash for a property, be it your first investment or a new part of the portfolio, it’s a big gamble and although property investments are distinctly less volatile than stocks and shares, you really do … Continue reading

Student Furniture

With the end of the academic year approaching fast, many students all over the country are thinking about moving out of halls and in to private property. Of course, that is great business for landlords and it’s really positive to … Continue reading

The ‘Mansion Tax’

On picking up the paper yesterday morning you quite probably encountered some discussions about the proposed ‘mansion tax’. The proposals are fronted by Nick Clegg, leader of the Liberal Democrat party, and include a multitude of ideas which are all … Continue reading

Connecting your Tenants

There are few things more frustrating than poor broadband quality, and plenty of tenants over the country suffer with slow download speeds and unreliable connections. In fact, broadband failures are one of the top reasons tenants get in touch with … Continue reading

Bad Relations

Tenants won’t always make things easy for you when it comes to your relationship with your neighbours and we hear of plenty of disputes between tenants and neighbours who are not getting on. Resolving personal debates isn’t something that a … Continue reading

The Easy Way to Let Abroad

There aren’t many people who haven’t dreamed of a property abroad at some point, but there also aren’t many people who are willing to part with their cash and take an investment; the costs, the time and the effort put … Continue reading

Forwarding -On

Tenants come and go: sometimes it’s a disaster and sometimes it’s a blessing! Whether you’re pleased to see the back of your previous tenants or not, though, there is a bit of admin that goes with the process and something … Continue reading

Interior Walls

One of the first things on any property developer’s to-do list is a rearrangement of the interior walls. Knocking through rooms to create large open plan areas can maximise available space in a property and makes the property considerably more … Continue reading