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Dec Wed 2, 2015, 1:31 AM

Is Online Letting the Future?

Property is becoming more and more digitalised as we delve further into the twenty-first century and for a lot of landlords it’s difficult to know quite how far digital things should be. There’s no doubt that for some aspects of property letting you need to be digital to be in the market, but how far should you go?

Selling and Marketing

There are all kinds of apps and websites that can help you sell your let and these are excellent ways of exploiting the digital relationship with potential tenants. It’s quite possible to bypass letting agents by advertising online and it can be considerably cheaper for tenants to find you this way.

Communication with Tenants

Email is a fantastic way to quickly and easily keep in touch with tenants and it’s a great way of letting them know information without disturbing them with a phone call. It’s worth being wary of social media, though, a Facebook friendship with your tenants is not always desirable, namely because they’re likely to put up lots of photos of your property! Sometimes you’re better off not knowing. Online payments

Legal and Confidential

The one occasion where you definitely should not rely on digital media is when legal matters or claims with your landlord insurance are concerned. Keep all you can documented on paper and don’t rely on one computer for backups. You should make sure your contract is signed in person and in pen, most places won’t recognise a digital signature and, though emails can act as evidence for a claim, they have a habit of disappearing very quickly. Keep all you think you’ll need on paper just in case.

Going digital is a real advantage for the modern landlord and it’s well worth getting online for all you can. Do be wary of online storage, however, and for some things it’s good to keep them on paper – the old ways are sometimes the best!

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