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Feb Sat 6, 2016, 3:15 PM

Replacing Windows

The door-to-door double glazing salesman has become a bit of a cliché, but often he does have a point – windows and glass doors are an integral feature of properties and do need replacing at times. The quality of glazing and window-frames has improved vastly over the last ten years so if you think you’re due for an update, here’s a quick guide to what you need:

Being Economical

Double glazing might seem expensive and so are some of the additional options offered these days by window companies but it’s about finding the right level of economy for you. The energy savings made by double glazing are massive and if you live in a cold area or a particularly old property then you should think seriously about the eco-friendly options; they are much more future-proof and might just save you some money.

Window Frames

The aesthetics of window frames could be debated for a long time, but most people prefer darker shades and wooden frames. Of course, these are the most expensive options and so it’s about finding a compromise. The wooden frames are often quite perishable so plastic can be a better option for landlords but spend some money on something that looks pleasing – cheap windows can really ruin a property for lots of tenants.

Installation of Frames

When you’ve decided what you want, all you need to do is get them installed! Most window fitters are very skilled but do watch out for fingerprints and condensation in-between the two panes. These are not acceptable and you should be sure to ask for the work to be done again if this happens to you. Equally, think about whether your property will be secure for your tenants – if not you might need to think about asking them to leave for a few days and taking out unoccupied property insurance.

Windows are a bit of an investment so make sure you make the right choice and don’t be afraid to spend a bit more than you might want – if you can generate an extra two or three year’s use by spending a bit more it might be it’s worth it. Of course make sure you shop around for the best deal and never be sold on anything you don’t actually want.

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