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Nov Sun 29, 2015, 6:55 AM

Rule Britannia!

The Royal Wedding has well and truly arrived! Wedding fever has gripped the country and it’s a very exciting time in the UK; it’s not every day you are able to witness the wedding of a future King of England. Of course, it would be wrong on today of all days not to write a blog on Great British Property!

UK Holiday Homes
Traditionally, holiday homes in the UK have been very profitable investments and great properties to have. Areas by the sea are always popular with holidaymakers coming both from abroad and domestically within the UK and, though business might sometimes be seasonal, a property on the coast can make for a very wise investment.

You shouldn’t underestimate the time constraints on operating a UK Holiday Home; it can be tricky managing a property from a distance. UK Holiday Home Insurance can help you take some of the burden, but managing bookings and maintaining your property is costly, both financially and on your time.

Buy-to-Let in the UK
Property closer to home can be an equally good investment. It’s a real advantage knowing how the property market operates in your local area and it may be that it’s easier to find tenants locally. Managing your property becomes a little easier if you purchase nearer to your own home and maintenance work might be easier to carry out.

UK lets can work very well over a longer period of time, but there are plenty of options. Lets to students, young professionals and even social tenants can prove profitable and are all very worthwhile considering.

The UK property market is starting to buzz again after some difficult times lately and the mood in the UK is looking more and more positive. So best of luck to Kate and Wills and happy property hunting for all of you landlords in the UK!

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