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Feb Mon 8, 2016, 4:37 PM

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4 ways for landlords to reduce stress

Most people complain about their jobs being stressful, however if you are a landlord then you will know that stress is part of the territory. As a landlord, not only are you trying to run a business, but also work … Continue reading

3 ways to protect your properties

As there has been such a focus recently on landlords keeping all their properties at a decent standard many are becoming more concerned over their properties becoming damaged, especially as it means they will be expected to pay out and … Continue reading

The 4 Tradesmen every Landlord needs

As a landlord it’s your responsibility to make sure that all your properties are up to scratch, and if they aren’t you can be sure that your tenants will let you know about it! However, it is often difficult to … Continue reading

Improving the Energy Efficiency of your Properties

After rent, the biggest outgoing for most tenants is utility bills, so if you have a property that is energy efficient you will probably find that it is in high demand! Furthermore, the government is introducing stricter regulations when it … Continue reading

Banking for Landlords

Administration is a massive burden for many landlords and the only way to make it easier is often more administration! Unfortunately, banking is just one of those things, and without a clear finance strategy in place, scrambling around with various … Continue reading

Do Your Tenants Clean Enough?

It doesn’t matter whether your tenants are clean during their tenancy, right? So long as they return the property to you in good shape, you can then take what you need to from the deposit and all is fine. Well, … Continue reading

Energy Ultimatum Looms

As a landlord you ought to already know that the law surrounding energy efficiency in properties is to change. Homes that hit the two lowest energy bands, that’s F and G on the familiar EU Energy Scale, will be deemed … Continue reading

Feedback for Landlords

Being a landlord isn’t always about hardcore finance, making good margins and serious sales. A lot of it requires much softer skills that can make you a far stronger property entrepreneur, eventhough they might not always directly hit your bottom … Continue reading

Scammers Hit Rental Market

The rental market is one of the biggest economies in the UK and the majority of us spend the bulk of our money on some sort of property, whether that’s as a rent bill or a mortgage. Of course, the … Continue reading

Pest Problems

Few things worry tenants more than pests and whether it’s mice, woodworm or wasps, you’ve got a problem on your hands. You can expect that tenants will call you pretty quickly if they find a pest infestation and you should … Continue reading