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Feb Wed 10, 2016, 3:04 PM

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Holiday Homes in France to be Taxed

If you’ve been following the headlines closely over the last week or so, you’ll have probably spotted the news that the tax regime on holiday homes in France is set to drastically change and rates are set to almost double. … Continue reading

The Hotel Tax is Back

You might remember talk early last year about the possibility of the French government bringing in a ‘hotel tax’; a small fee which was paid by holiday property owners. The tax was thrown out as unpopular, but yesterday plans have … Continue reading

Security Overseas

If you’re a landlord in the UK, you’re lucky – you’ve got a reasonably high degree of control over your let and if things start going wrong then you can act relatively quickly to put things right. If the worst … Continue reading

Holiday Deposits

If you’re taking deposits for a rental property in the UK then the procedure is well known: if your rent is between £25,000 and £100,000 a year then your tenant’s deposit needs to end up in a deposit protection scheme, … Continue reading

Pool Maintenance

The swimming pool is the jewel in the crown of most holiday properties and the selling power of clear blue water is very easy to underestimate. Many holidaymakers who are looking to jet off for some summer sun wouldn’t think … Continue reading

Letting Out of Season

There are two sides to every holiday let: a peak season and an off season. For most properties its all go during the summer with plenty of bookings and changeovers to deal with, but during the winter it can become … Continue reading

New Horizons

If, only a few days into the New Year, you’re feeling like you need a holiday then you need to read this blog! We all dream about a property here or there from time to time, but this might be … Continue reading

Regulations Abroad

It’s easy enough complying with the UK regulations for property letting: there’s plenty of information around, a lot of places to seek advice and one massive help is that the law is probably written in your native language. If you’re … Continue reading

Snow is Falling

It’s nothing significant here yet, but snow has started coming down in the Alps and another ski season is upon us. More and more Brits every year are taking skiing holidays, some at the expense of a summer holiday, and … Continue reading

Finding an Agent Overseas

A lot of people looking to rent overseas will go through an agent. For those of us who don’t have jet-set lifestyles, the main problem with letting overseas is being physically around to look after your property day-to-day, and this … Continue reading