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Feb Tue 9, 2016, 5:26 AM

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Germany Set to Attract Overseas Investments

The holiday patterns of the British tourists have been starting to change over the last few years and the popular tourist destinations of France and Spain are not quite as well visited as they used to be, with destinations like … Continue reading

Judging Overseas Markets

It’s Monday again and it’s usually the time when big dreams about sunny overseas properties or a little pad on the coast start kicking in. However, judging overseas markets from the UK is not an easy thing to do and, … Continue reading

Regulations Abroad

It’s easy enough complying with the UK regulations for property letting: there’s plenty of information around, a lot of places to seek advice and one massive help is that the law is probably written in your native language. If you’re … Continue reading

Go East

Eastern Europe has been on the fringes of the UK holiday market for some time now and it’s becoming a more popular destination. Younger travellers can find a good time in the bars in Prague or the beach in Bulgaria … Continue reading

Researching Your Holiday Let

An important part of investing or managing in a holiday property is research. A rental property somewhere in the sunshine might seem like a dream come true, but if you do not conduct proper research you might find that your … Continue reading

Making the most of your Overseas Property

Having an overseas property can have some real benefits. Not only is it a great place to get away for you, friends or family, it can be a really good way of investing for the future. By investing overseas you … Continue reading