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Dec Wed 2, 2015, 3:19 AM

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Development Difficulties

It’s January, moving into February and it’s cold and getting colder next week. Unfortunately, this time of year, the cold and the wet can cause builders and developers problems and for you as a landlord slow progress can be costly … Continue reading

Who Goes There?

Security is a problem these days, and as we live in large towns with better transport links you never know who could be around, or who could be knocking on your door. Of course, it’s important for tenants to differentiate … Continue reading

Anti-Social Behaviour

Social landlords have been vocal in past weeks, criticising the government’s plans to allow local councils and housing associations discretionary power to evict tenants committing anti-social behaviour in the local area. Whether you’re a social landlord or not, however, anti-social … Continue reading

Running on Empty

It happens; you think all is going well but suddenly your tenants give you their notice and before you know it they’re off. You’re stuck with no rental income and an empty property on your hands. All is not lost, … Continue reading

Security for Landlords

Keeping your property safe and secure is vital as a landlord. It’s important to have security in mind right from the moment you purchase your property and simple things can make a real difference to how secure your property is. … Continue reading