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Nov Wed 25, 2015, 10:16 PM

The 4 Tradesmen every Landlord needs

hard hatsAs a landlord it’s your responsibility to make sure that all your properties are up to scratch, and if they aren’t you can be sure that your tenants will let you know about it! However, it is often difficult to maintain all the properties in your portfolio yourself, which is why hiring professionals can save you a great amount of time and leave you safe in the knowledge that everything will be taken care of. So here we look at the four types of tradesmen every landlord needs and what they can do to make your life that little bit easier:


In your Tenancy Agreement you need to clearly state that your tenants are responsible for keeping the property they are renting clean, and that you will be making inspections on a regular basis to make sure they do! However, despite how hard you try you may find that a tenant just refuses to keep your property clean, at which point you will need to call in the cleaners. This is one of the most common reasons why landlords keep a tenant’s deposit at the end of their tenancy, as cleaning not only requires the actual labour but also the cost of cleaning products and even equipment.

When looking for a cleaner you should therefore look for a cleaning company that offers a wide range of services, such as cleaning windows, steam cleaning carpets, stain removal and more. Some cleaners won’t be able to offer these services, so make sure you do your research so you find one that is right for your needs!


A burst pipe can do an unbelievable amount of damage to your property, and so you will need to hire a plumber as soon as possible if this happens! Your landlord insurance should cover the cost of damages to your property, however keep in mind if your tenants don’t have their own content cover then anything of theirs that gets soaked is not your responsibility!

Plumbers are also useful for non-emergencies, such as when sinks or toilets get blocked. At this point your plumber will not only come in handy as they will fix the problem, but also explain to you how it occurred in the first place. This way you can find out whether your house has faulty pipes or your tenants have been abusing them!


While most people think it’s obvious to state that electricity is dangerous you would be surprised how many think that they can fix something themselves only to make matters worse or even end up hurting themselves. Electricians are great when it comes to making sure your properties are completely safe, and so when you buy a new property you should make sure you get one round if you are unsure about the wiring.

Electricians can also help when it comes to renovating properties, especially if you are installing new lights or plug sockets. However, this is often not cheap so make sure you budget before you give an electrician a call, and maybe see if they will give you a discount if you have a number of properties that need to be worked on!


Much like cleaners, gardeners are generally only called by landlords if their tenants have consistently failed to keep the exterior of their properties maintained to a suitable standard. However, if you own properties that are near main roads and have front gardens you will find that the local council will be extremely strict when it comes to making sure foliage doesn’t grow to the extent that it blocks the pavement or reduces visibility to road users.

Once again, you need to make sure that you hire a gardener that is suitable for your needs –for instance if you have a massive tree that needs to be felled you will probably need to hire a specialist tree surgeon instead of your regular gardener! If you just need to make sure that some bushes are cut back then a regular gardener will do, just make sure you shop around before you hire though to make sure you get the best deal!

Even though hiring tradesmen means having to spend money, the return on investment is extremely high as properties that are regularly maintained are more likely to last a number of years. Furthermore, when it comes to marketing your properties you will find that tenants will snap them up in no time, so you will have the money back in your pocket!

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