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Feb Mon 8, 2016, 3:47 AM

What to Provide in your Holiday Let

When letting for holidaymakers it’s important to decide what sort of items you’ll include with rental of your property; do your tenants need to bring along bedding or cooking equipment or will you provide it for them? Different landlords will do different things; some people decide to minimise costs and let the tenant bring all their own equipment whereas others might be keen to make sure their tenants have everything they need. What do you need to think about when it comes to the finer details of your holiday let?

Towels and Bedding

If you’re letting primarily to UK tourists, they may have come a long way and will be unlikely to want to take bedding or towels with them. This is especially important if your tenants have come by air; luggage restrictions can be tight and guests in your property might appreciate not having to bring extra weight. Make sure you include the costs of washing and changing bedding in your rental price.

Guidebooks and Instructions

Something your tenants will really appreciate is a little bit of local advice: leaving a guidebook for your tenants with details of a few restaurants, places of interest and sights to see will be invaluable to those new to the area and it can make a big difference to holidaymakers. Of course, if you’re providing a TV, a pool or perhaps even something like air-con it’s worth leaving out the instruction booklets. Of course, you should still take out Holiday Home Insurance – tenants do have a knack of using these things incorrectly!

It’s the small things…

They really do count when it comes to holiday lets; leave a pint of milk in the fridge, perhaps even half a bottle of wine or a welcome hamper for more luxurious properties. First impressions really count in the property world and you should make sure you set a good one!

When you’re thinking about what to leave in your property be practical and make sure anything you do is cost effective; if it doesn’t add any value to your let it’s probably not worth bothering with. Make sure you’re clear with your tenants what they need to bring with them beforehand and make sure you keep anything you do leave up to date and well maintained.

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