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Calls for Estate Agents to make Contractor Fees visible 13-02-2014
For many landlords, managing the upkeep of a property portfolio can become so time consuming that they decide to get help from an estate agent.  This means that for ..... Read More

Landlords Advised to protect themselves against Interest Rate rises 06-02-2014
Even though most people are happy about the economy improving, there are those that are wary about the long term consequences.  Already, we have seen property prices..... Read More

Tenants advised to research Landlords 30-01-2014
When letting a property to a new tenant most landlords perform background checks in order to ensure they are an upstanding member of society who is unlikely to cause dama..... Read More

Landlords spending more time helping Tenants 23-01-2014
With the number of news stories we regularly see concerning rogue landlords it would be understandable why anyone to think that a large percentage of the UK’s landl..... Read More

Increasing Property Prices may be Unstable 16-01-2014
There is no denying that during the end of 2013 and the first few weeks of 2014 the property market has been improving, leading to housing prices across the country risin..... Read More

Newham Council receives funding to battle Rogue Landlords 09-01-2014
Newham council has appeared numerous times in the news over the past year due to their involvement in the private rental sector.  The council was the first to instil..... Read More

Thousands of Private Rented Sector Homes to be built in 2014 31-12-2013
With 2013 finally drawing to a close landlords across the nation are looking forward to the upcoming year, and last week we even announced that positivity in the buy-to-l..... Read More

Landlords feel Positive about Private Rental Sector for 2014 26-12-2013
Throughout the year Just Landlords has published numerous news stories concerning the private rental sector and property market, and we have noted a growing sense of opti..... Read More

Landlords Letting to Tenants on Benefits Halved 19-12-2013
Before the welfare reforms were officially put into place a number of landlords in the private rental sector argued they would be detrimental to recipients, especially du..... Read More

Landlords lose out in Autumn Statement 12-12-2013
George Obsorne announced mixed news in his autumn statement earlier this week, as even though the UK economy is improving there still needs to be considerable cut backs i..... Read More

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