Buildings Insurance

Building insurance cover can differ from one insurer to another but it covers the cost of repairing or rebuilding your property if it is damaged.

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Buildings Insurance - What does it cover?

Building Insurance cover can differ from one insurer to another, but it covers the cost of repairing or rebuilding your property if it is damaged.

Home insurance doesn't cover damage to your property when you do not live there, in fact, most home insurance policies will become void if you let your property out - that is why all landlords need specialist landlord building insurance.

Our 40 essential covers start with the basics, which include loss or damage caused by:

Full Accidental Damage Cover
Weight of Snow
Escape of Water
Escape of Oil
Theft or Attempted Theft
Malicious Damage
Collision by Aircraft, Animals of Vehicles
Falling Trees, Branches, Lampposts and Telegraph Poles
Breakage or Collapse of TV Aerials and Satellite Equipment
Subsidence, Landslip or Heave
Malicious Damage Caused by Your Tenants
Theft or Attempted Theft by Your Tenants

Our 40 essential covers really start to put the rest to the test, we also provide:

Landlord’s Contents for Curtains, Carpets and White Goods
Nest Removal
Underground Services
£1,000,000 for Loss of Rent/Alternative Accommodation
Trace and Access
Unauthorised Alterations, Including Drug Factories
Additional Expenses
Replacement Locks
Landscaped Gardens
Fire Extinguisher Expenses
Unauthorised Use of Services
Emergency Access Expenses
Closed Circuit TV
Fly Tipping and Abandoned Contents
Buyer’s Benefit when You are Selling
Index Linking to Protect You
£5,000,000 Property Owners’ Liability
£5,000,000 Legal Liability as Occupier or Landlord
£5,000,000 Defective Premises Act 1972
£10,000,000 Accidents to Domestic Staff