Just Landlords Code of Ethics

After spending a substantial number of years working in the landlord insurance industry, we decided to create the Just Landlords Code of Ethics, which the whole company adheres to each and every day. By keeping these ethics in mind, we believe that both our customers and our company benefit - as without our customers we wouldn’t be here!

Our code isn't particularly long and it's not overly complicated, in fact it’s just the core beliefs that we think should always come first. They are:

Always Treat Our Customers Fairly and Honestly
Aim to Exceed Each Customer’s Expectations
Provide a Quality of Service That Will Always be Efficient and Reliable
Provide a Standard of Service That we Would Expect to Receive Ourselves
Promptly Provide Accurate and Understandable Documents
Give our Customers Total Peace of Mind

As you can see, our code centres on providing the best service to every customer and constantly striving to provide excellent service. At Just Landlords, we understand that the private rental sector is constantly changing, which means that it is essential we adapt our landlord insurance policies to help our customers and meet their needs.

We also understand that as your landlord insurance provider, we not only have a duty to protect you and your business, but to also be there should you ever have any queries or require some help. This is why so many of our customers rely on Just Landlords on a day-to-day basis, so if you insure with us we will provide the same service for you!