Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Legal Expense & Rent Guarantee Cover

Although this may be the case with certain other insurers with Just Landlords the answer is a definite NO. Our policy has a 12 month timescale and it will cover you for rent arrears up to £2,500 until possession of your property has been gained - even if this takes longer than 6 months.

For cover to be effective all references taken must be satisfactory. Therefore if the tenant’s references are not satisfactory there will need to be a guarantor who’s reference’s are satisfactory.

The policy will provide full details of the cover for each section covered. But in general the rent must be in arrears by only one calendar month for you to be able to initiate a claim.

Cover should be taken out on or before the start or renewal of any tenancy agreement.

Yes, you should take a deposit equal to at least one months rent.

Absolutely not, we very much appreciate that rent should be paid to you each month, especially as you may have your own financial needs to meet. Therefore during the claim process we will pay you your rent arrears on a monthly basis in line with your tenancy agreement.

The cover provided is specific to the property where the tenancy agreement is in force. If you wish to cover more than one property then a policy must be issued for each property separately.

Cover is provided instantly, simply complete the online application and you are covered from the moment your payment is processed. The online application process will take no longer than a few minutes. You will then be sent your full policy documents electronically and securely to your email address. Of course, you can also telephone us to arrange instant cover as well.

Absolutely, in fact Just Landlords is a market leader in this field and provides the widest cover available for Landlords.

The policy is designed to cover one tenancy at one property, if you have multiple tenancy agreements at the property you will need a separate policy for each tenancy agreement. Therefore if you have two separate tenants and two tenancy agreements you will need two separate policies.