How does Landlords Insurance Work?

Landlord Insurance protects your pocket against damage to your property, as well as from liability claims. For instance, in the event that your property suffers damage due to a fire, your Landlord Insurance will cover the cost of repairing or rebuilding your property.

In addition, if a visitor is injured by your property due to negligence on your part, they may bring a liability claim against you. Your Landlord Insurance is then there to cover you.

With Just Landlords, we have included industry-specific covers to ensure that you’re protected against perils that can hit landlords in particular. One example is our malicious damage by your tenant cover – most policies will include cover against malicious damage, but this is usually through forced or violent entry. Not only will we cover you for this, but we will also protect your property if your own tenants have caused malicious damage

We’re sure you can see how valuable having the right Landlords Insurance is.

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