12 Spring-Cleaning Hacks for Your Property

Whether you’re a landlord or a tenant, those that take pride in their homes will welcome any tricks to make housework that bit easier, so we have 12 spring-cleaning hacks for you to try, now that the days are longer and brighter!

Although many of us admit to finding it difficult to keep up with household chores during our busy lives, there are many simple hacks that will make your annual spring-clean a breeze. And what’s more, you’ll have most of them in your house already…

  1. Use cinnamon to make your carpets smell sweet

You don’t need to have your carpets professionally cleaned to freshen them up, just sprinkle 2-3 tablespoons of powdered cinnamon on a rug or area of carpet, and then vacuum it up to create a pleasant, sweet smell. As cinnamon is organic, it can be used safely without any harmful side effects that you may get from other chemical-based products.

  1. Lint roll your lampshades

Standard clothing lint rollers can be used on your lampshades to remove the stubborn dust that collects on them. Odd shapes can be really difficult to clean, but these sticky rollers collect all of the unwanted dust.

  1. Clean your mirrors with shaving foam

Apply shaving foam to your mirrors and wipe it off with a cloth to remove any smears. Additionally, shaving foam also helps to prevent your mirror fogging up every time you have a shower.

  1. Use olive oil on stainless steel
12 Spring-Cleaning Hacks for Your Property

12 Spring-Cleaning Hacks for Your Property

Add a small amount of olive oil to a cloth and wipe over any stainless steel in your kitchen, which will remove any smears or fingerprints, leaving a gleaming finish. Olive oil gives the metal a nice smooth look once you have used a clean, dry towel to re-wipe the surface.

  1. Remove pet hair with rubber gloves

Simply put on a pair of rubber gloves and run them over your furniture, making all the pet hair stick to them and removing it from the surface. This way, you can ensure you’ve picked up all the stubborn hairs and don’t clog your vacuum!

  1. Clean your oven with bicarbonate of soda

Add bicarbonate of soda to water in a spray bottle to create a cheap but effective cleaning solution, ideal for the grime in ovens. Avoid harsh chemicals by adding a little vinegar to the mix, and you can leave the cleaner in the oven overnight and wipe it off with a damp cloth in the morning.

  1. Put your sponges in the microwave for a thorough clean

Rather than going out and buying new household sponges, sanitise the ones you currently have by saturating them in lemon water and putting them in the microwave for around a minute. This will kill any bacteria contained in the sponge.

  1. Clean taps with vinegar

Soak a cotton wool pad in vinegar and wipe over household taps to remove any smears or stains. This trick will also help to reduce lime scale, too. Your taps will be left as shiny as new!

  1. Kill washing machine bacteria with dishwasher tablets

Every couple of months, add a dishwasher tablet to an empty washing machine and put on a 60° wash. This will kill any hidden bacteria living in the drum and should also prevent lime scale. The tablets will not do any harm to your washing machine, but you may want to put one in the drawer so that you can easily remove any leftover tablet. 

  1. Freshen up your mattress with baking soda

Sprinkle baking soda over your mattress and leave for up to eight hours. Vacuum up the excess powder to reveal a freshly deodorised mattress. The baking soda removes odours by balancing the pH levels in your mattress.

  1. Clean outdoor surfaces with laundry detergent

Any laundry detergent you have without bleach can be used to clean outdoor surfaces, such as wood or concrete paving, by adding a little to a bucket of water or your pressure washer.

  1. Put plastic toys in the dishwasher

You can put children’s plastic toys, without batteries, in the dishwasher along with your normal tablet. This will sanitise them so that they’re all clean and ready to be played with again.

We hope that your spring-cleaning is a little more enjoyable with these new hacks in your life!

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