£1m Houses in London vs. Wales

While not all of us will have £1m to spend on a property, for those of us that do, there’s a big question to ask: Would you rather have a two-bedroom flat in London, or a six-bedroom house with a guest cottage in Wales?

Highlighting the vast difference in house prices around the UK, we have a selection of properties in the capital and in Wales that cost around £1m – which do you prefer?

Two-bed flat in Bayswater, central London

This two-bed apartment costs a huge £1,200,000 to buy, and will set you back £6,000 per year in service charges.

Five-bed detached house in Newport Bay, North Pembrokeshire

For the same price as the flat above, you could buy a five-bed property with a swimming pool and games room. The ocean is also right on your doorstep.

Five-bed semi-detached house in East Dulwich, south London

While this property may have more space than the previous London one, you’ll definitely need to have some money left over to remove those orange carpets. This house will set you back £1,000,000.

Five-bed detached house in Usk, southeast Wales

Or, you could spend the same amount of money on this house, where you’ll find a grand staircase with a piano on it – how luxurious!

Four-bed flat in Kentish Town, northwest London

We’re not sure you’ll have much use for the parking space that comes with this London flat, but at least you get more bedrooms than previous properties for your £1,050,000…

Six-bed detached house with guest cottage in Mold, Flintshire

For £1,050,000, you not only get a large house of your own, but also a separate guest cottage. Now that’s value for money.

Four-bed terraced house in Maida Vale, west London

Only Londoners would look at this property and assume it costs a huge £980,000. However, it does come with an outhouse.

Seven-bed detached house in Swansea, southwest Wales

Not only will you get seven bedrooms and five bathrooms for £995,000 with this house, but you will also have stunning views across the North Gower countryside.

Three-bed flat in Hampstead, northwest London

Again, judging from the outside, not many of us would put this flat at £1,150,000, but it does have three bedrooms for you to enjoy.

Four-bed detached house in Saundersfoot, Pembrokeshire

Then again, you could enjoy the wonderful views of this beachfront property in Wales. At £1,150,000 and with one more bedroom than the London flat, this one seems an easy choice.

Three-bed detached house in Finchley, north London

Finally, a detached house! This questionably-decorated property will cost you £1,000,000.

Six-bed detached house in Chepstow, Monmouthshire

Still, does that really compare to double the amount of bedrooms and seemingly, triple the space? All for the same price in Wales!

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