46% of tenants feel getting the right landlord is key

Fresh research from Your Move has revealed that almost half of UK tenants believe getting the right landlord is one of the most important factors when deciding upon a place to rent.

Alongside considering the condition of the property, the report found that 46% of renters feel their landlord is a vital component of the selection process.


45% said that receiving value for money was extremely important, with 52% citing the condition of the property as their top consideration.

Surprisingly, data from the report also shows that only 38% of tenants see location as ‘extremely important’ when deciding on a new rental property.

Your Move’s research looked at over 2,000 people and was commissioned in order to give insights into the 4.5m privately rented households in Britain.

46% of tenants feel getting the right landlord is key

46% of tenants feel getting the right landlord is key


Tenants were found to be overly satisfied when renting, with 66% of all tenants either ‘happy’ or ‘very happy’ with their current circumstances. This was in comparison to just 15% who said they were ‘unhappy’ or ‘very unhappy.’

Valerie Bannister, Head of Lettings at Your Move, observed: ‘It’s not just about where you actually live anymore, but also the condition of the property as well as whose roof you’re living under, that are collectively important to tenants these days. As the rental sector continues to grow, so do people’s expectations of what a property should offer them and its understandable that landlords who present and maintain their properties-and who even consider the lifestyles of their prospective tenants-will be viewed more favourably than others. It reflects our findings that the landlord’s willingness to respond to reasonable requests from tenants, for property investments etc, is viewed as extremely important when a tenant makes their decision to rent.’[1]

‘Overall our results show that a landlord can make all the difference as tenants decide on their next move. From securing the deposit and dealing with any unforeseen problems, to maintaining a comfortable and secure environment, the role of the landlord is critical to tenants.  Although we’re pleased to see that 66% of tenants are happy with where they’re renting, we want that figure to be even higher. The Private Rental Sector needs to provide high quality accommodation that tenants feel excited about, rather than seeing renting as a second-best option to buying,’ she concluded.[1]



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