6 Reasons to Turn Down a Tenant

Tenants are facing difficulty these days, with a shortage of homes up for rent, rising prices and the inability to buy their own homes.

6 Reasons to Turn Down a Tenant

6 Reasons to Turn Down a Tenant

For landlords, this is good news, as your rental properties should be experiencing fewer void periods, with renters that genuinely need a home. They may be looking to stay for long timeframes or enjoy the flexibility of renting. Either way, there are plenty more tenants searching for a property.

But what do you do if you do not want to let to a prospective tenant?

Here are six warning signs that you should offer your property to someone else:

  1. They aggressively request a drop in rent

It’s fair for an applicant to negotiate on the rent, as they hope to get a good deal and a price that reflects the general market. But if a prospective tenant is aggressively demanding you drop the rent, this is a sign that they will not be an easy renter.

  1. They make you uncomfortable

No landlord should be made to feel uncomfortable in their property. If a tenant is particularly angry or aggressive, they may not be a reliable renter. Sometimes, they also try to lecture the landlord. If this happens, you should make notes of the dates and times these encounters occurred and include it in their file.

  1. They ask too much about the neighbours

It is normal for anyone moving into a new home to ask about their neighbours, such as whether they have pets or children. Prospective tenants shouldn’t be asking about the daily lives of other people in their building or on their street. This could make other occupants vulnerable.

  1. They must move in immediately

As a landlord, you will want to get your property let as quickly as possible, but you must not be rushed through your own referencing process. Some tenants demand a quick move-in, citing an innocent need for immediate housing. However, this does not give you time to review their credentials. A renter may wish to move in quickly if they have been evicted, so it is always wise to determine why they need another property so soon.

  1. They are disrespectful about the property

If you ask the tenant if there is anything they don’t like about the home, or if they make a small suggestion, this can help you make improvements to the property for the future. But if they are pushy about having a room refurbished or demand new appliances, they are unlikely to be a respectful tenant.

  1. They try to entice you with money

Usually, tenants try to negotiate a lower price and pay less, but sometimes they will offer more. This is not a good sign – they may be trying to rush through the referencing process, to avoid you spotting something negative about them, or they could be using your property for illegal purposes, such as a drug farm or subletting. If you find that your tenant has changed your property in some way for this, known as unauthorised alteration, you must ensure your landlord insurance policy covers this to make a claim.







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