Carry out mid-term inspections now, says AIIC

With Winter in full swing and with differently named storms battering Britain on a seemingly weekly basis, a firm is suggesting that now is the perfect time for landlords to carry out inspections on their property.

The Association of Independent Inventory Clerks (AIIC) believe that mid-tenancy inspections should be carried out now, as many homes will be suffering from condensation problems.


Patricia Barber, Chair of the AIIC, noted that, ‘mould can be caused by a lack of ventilation or incorrect drying of wet washing-even if just one tenant is living in the property. It can also be caused by on-going leaks both inside and outside the property, blocked gutters and missing roof tiles.’[1]

Barber went on to add that these issues are usually exacerbated if the property is home to more than one person.

Landlords and letting agents are advised that if there is any sign of mould in a property, they should ensure that it is not down to external factors, lack of ventilation or other problems that they can easily rectify themselves.

Carry out mid-term inspections now, says AIIC

Carry out mid-term inspections now, says AIIC


Of course, if the problems are being caused by substandard living conditions, then landlords should advise their tenants of appropriate action to take in writing.

This should include reference to:

  • fully ventilating the property
  • wiping down walls and windows in the bathroom
  • using extractor fans
  • not putting wet washing on radiators
  • wiping down mould straight away should it appear

As Barber explains; ‘if mould is not dealt with on a regular basis the resulting damage could cause both tenant and landlord a lot of money at the end of tenancy.’[1]




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