Get your garden ready for summer viewings!

With summer now officially here (yes, it’s June already!), your garden and outdoor space should already be well on the way to looking in top condition.

As a buy-to-let landlord, it is imperative that you maintain your garden to a high condition in order to secure a tenancy, particularly in the summer months. Should you have enlisted an agent to manage your property, advise them to pay attention its external features in order for a much quicker sale!

There are six simple steps that you can follow in order to maximise the potential of your garden and external property features:

  • Keep it neat and tidy- An unkempt garden is not only off-putting to potential tenants but will also reflect badly on you as a buy-to-let landlord. Make sure overgrown foliage is trimmed, hedges are cut and gardens are freshly mowed. Also, get rid of weeds as an abundance of them will once again give the impression that you don’t care about your property.
  • Go front first- Remember that you only get the chance to make a first impression once. Your front of house will obviously be the first thing that your would-be tenants will see, so pay close attention to front gardens, driveways and paths. External photographs of the front of house will also feature prominently in your marketing material, so it is imperative that this area is clean and well maintained.
  • Love your lawn- As mentioned, you should make sure your lawn is not overgrown when attempting to find tenants. What’s more, the condition of your lawn is important. If you have moss, weeds or bare patches in your garden, then tend to these before attempting to find renters.
  • Get your garden ready for summer viewings!

    Get your garden ready for summer viewings!

  • Exercise flower power-When you picture a lovely garden, it is impossible not to think of flowers. As well as adding colour, well-chosen plants, shrubs, a climbers can give a property a homely feel. If your garden has borders, consider planting different flowers all around your garden. 
  • Respect your boundaries-It is vitally important that you maintain the boundaries of your property. Ensure all fences are in good condition and replace panels that are cracked or broken. There is no point getting a landlord insurance policy if you cannot attract tenants due to a perceived lack of security. Poor boundaries can also make tenants wary on your relationship with the neighbours. This can be particularly off-putting for tenants with pets. 
  • Maintain your standards-Many tenants will be looking for a property with an outdoor space that is simple to maintain. With this in mind, be aware of your target tenant group. Not all will have the time or inclination to keep your garden looking good. A larger property will have a bigger garden, perfect for families and tenants with pets. Two-bed properties however will attract young professionals or couples. Have a target group in mind but always make sure your garden is in the best condition it can be for new tenants!

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