How to attract tenants this Spring

Spring is now officially upon us and the clocks going forwards represents the busiest time of the year for landlords.

Notoriously, Spring is the time when many tenants contemplate moving property, or when a number of existing tenancy agreements come to an end. It is therefore crucial that you make sure your investment property looks as good as possible to entice the best possible renters.

Of course, your goal as a buy-to-let landlord is to attract the best tenants to keep your property occupied and to cut down on the need to utilise your rent guarantee or unoccupied property insurance!

Having a number of would-be tenants interested in your property is not a bad problem to have, but how can you attract high-quality, reliable renters?

Follow these tips and ensure your property Springs into the new season!

How to attract tenants this Spring

How to attract tenants this Spring


Make it picture perfect-The lighter nights give more opportunities to get good photographs of your property. Make sure they are both professional and of a high-standard. Visual aids are crucial in making an impression, so spend time getting the best possible shots. When you are happy, list your property and the photographs on the top property portals. Many tenants are more likely to begin their property search online.

Join the Gardener’s World-Now is the best time to get your garden in order. The past Winter was particularly harsh on a number of homes and a number of landlords insurance claims were processed as a result! To attract new tenants, particularly those with children, your garden must be in order. Get rid of any weeds, mow the lawn and buy some fresh plants or hanging baskets. You can’t afford to put doubt in a potential tenants’ head before they have reached the front door!

Do you maintenance duties-Should you have had tenants for a long period of time, it can be easy to neglect giving your property some TLC. However, this is essential in attracting new tenants. Give the walls a lick of paint, consider getting new furniture and features and make your property as energy efficient as you can. A better-maintained property will attract the best tenants!







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