The Autumn Interior Design Trends that will Capture Tenants in 2017

Now that the summer holidays are firmly behind us, tenants will begin their house-hunt once more. Landlords looking for new tenants over the next few months should consider updating their properties with the top autumn interior design trends for 2017.

The team at Alexander James Interior Design has been busily working away determining which autumn interior design trends will capture new tenants this year…

The firm’s Creative Director, Stacey Sibley, has shared her expert insights into the season’s must-have colours, fabrics and florals for your rental property.

“We’ve seen a real inclination for soft, muted tones over the spring and summer. All that’s going to change in the autumn, as bright jewel colours burst onto the interiors scene. Colours are all about the rich warmth of teals, burnt oranges, shaded spruce and autumn maple. These are bold tones for uplifting interiors – we’ll be brightening up the indoors as the outdoors dims in preparation for winter.”

The Autumn Interior Design Trends that will Capture Tenants in 2017

The Autumn Interior Design Trends that will Capture Tenants in 2017

Plush, patterned fabrics will help to complement the bold jewel tones of autumn.

Meanwhile, summer’s fascination with nature will continue, but with a shift into more rich, floral patterns.

Sibley explains: “Florals this autumn will be larger than life – picture rich velvet cushions printed with large-scale, expressive tulips, apple blossom and roses. The Designers Guild’s new cushions epitomise this trend. We’re also seeing floral prints in wallpapers and fabrics that look like old master still-life paintings, allowing us to incorporate these into the home in exciting new ways – it’s a modern twist on classical prints.”

When it comes to larger pieces of furniture, colour comes to the fore once more. Meanwhile, for smaller accessories, it’s all about blending those jewel colours with interesting textures.

Sibley has a top tip: “Finally, this autumn, don’t forget the importance of art. If you’re nervous about how to introduce jewel tones, opt for something like Trowbridge Gallery’s Lovebird Feathers. It’s a stunning piece that shows the bright, delicate plumage of the world’s smallest parrot. The close-up of the rainbow spectrum of colours is truly beautiful and adds a wonderful sense of texture as well as colour.”

Landlords, you must start preparing your property now for an influx of new prospective tenants once the autumn arrives. Incorporating these autumn interior design trends into your rental property will surely help to capture a reliable renter!

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