Bank holiday plans? Keep your letting agent informed

The weather is appalling (snow in April!), roadworks on major routes are planned and there’s nothing decent on the TV.

Yes that’s right, the bank holiday weekend is nearly upon us and as always, many of us will be looking to make the most of the extended break.

If you are looking to rent out your investment property, there is no need to worry about missing out on a deal-or some much-needed R and R! There are measures that you can take to make sure that viewings and a possible agreement are secured while you are enjoying yourself!

Should you be utilising a letting agent, this advice for landlords like yourself will mean this bank holiday could be a profitable one:

Inform them of your absence-Something that sounds self-explanatory, but be sure to inform your letting agent that you will be out of the area. Ensure that they can easily access your property. It will be highly embarrassing should they have to turn away would-be renters due to not being able to gain entry!

Keep it clean-If you are thinking of getting away for a few days, make sure your investment property is clean and tidy, ahead of any potential viewings. You should use your common sense by emptying bins, doing the dishes and putting them away. Wipe down all surfaces and dust and polish before leave for your break.


Smell the danger-You do not want to leave possible renters with a bad smell when looking around your property! With this in mind, remove washing from radiators, bin flowers likely to die in your absence and take out rotting fruit from the fruit bowl. It is a good idea to plug in an air freshener and keep windows open before you go to let some fresh air in.

Keep in contact-Yes, you will want to go away and relax for a few days. However, make sure your letting agent can still contact you should they require. This could be the difference between getting a tenant, or claiming on your unoccupied property insurance should damage occur to your empty property!

The lighter evenings and extended break makes the May bank holiday weekend a good time to look for a new rental property. By giving your property a spring-clean, you can bank on more tenant interest in your investment!

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