Where are the best places for student buy-to-let investment?

A new survey has revealed which university towns and cities offer the best buy-to-let opportunities.

Specifically, the research from online estate agency Urban.co.uk analysed property prices and rental fees in Britain’s most popular university locations. From this analysis, the agency rated that best regions for investments, based upon value-for-money and projected rental yield.

If you are looking to invest in student property or becoming a student landlord, you will be interested to know that the North of England offers the best return on buy-to-let investment. Leeds and Manchester were both found to offering a substantial rental yield of 6%. Sheffield was close behind with 5.3% returns possible.

The full list of university towns and cities offering the greatest rental yields were found to be:

  • Leeds/Manchester-6%
  • Sheffield-5.3%
  • Plymouth-5%
  • Canterbury-4.7%
  • Birmingham-4.2%
  • Oxford-4.1%
  • Bristol-3.6%
  • Brighton-3.4%
  • Guildford-3.1%
  • Exeter-2.9%
Where are the best places for student buy-to-let investment?

Where are the best places for student buy-to-let investment?

Investment in buy-to-let student property offers a substantial rental yield, alongside an opportunity to stay in control of rising student fees. This can be done in conjunction with making a long-term investment for the future.

However, you must make sure that you have the correct landlord insurance policy for your investment. What’s more, you should seriously consider taking out unoccupied property insurance, as there will be periods when your property will be empty. Despite a number of students securing out of term-time work in their city of study, a large number go home, so make sure you are covered in the event of any unforeseen happenings.

Should you already be a student landlord or if you are considering making an investment, make sure you take out the correct insurance and get in line with what students really want from their property.

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