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BBC Panorama Investigates State of Universal Credit Rent Arrears

Results from a new investigation by BBC Panorama have uncovered more information, regarding rent arrears in relation to Universal Credit claimants. Despite the Government stating that it believes the new system is working well, there are continuing reports of increasing rent arrear issues. As an example, Flintshire, in north...

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Deal or No Deal? Property Professionals Talk Brexit at East Midlands Expo

Last week, we attended the Deal or No Deal seminar at the East Midlands Expo in Nottingham. This seminar discussed possible effects of Brexit on the private rental sector (PRS). We heard from Russell Rigby, Managing Director of Rigby & Co., Andrew Pritchard, Director of Policy and Infrastructure for East Midlands Councils...

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Government Insights Panel Debate at the London Landlord Investment Show

A representative of Just Landlords sat in on the Government Insights Panel Debate, which took place at the Landlord Investment Show’s London Olympia event this week. The fact that events such as this exist and are heavily attended speaks for itself. Landlords and property investors want to find a way...

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