How Brexit may Affect us all

On Wednesday (29th March), Theresa May officially started Brexit proceedings by triggering Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty. Now that Brexit is formally upon us, how could it affect us all?

SumOfUs, a consumer advocate with one million members in the UK, has responded to the triggering of Article 50 with the most critical risks posed to all of us.

How Brexit may Affect us all

How Brexit may Affect us all

Hannah Lownsbrough, the Executive Director of SumOfUs, has released a statement on how Brexit may affect us:

“The triggering of Article 50 could fire the starting gun for a regulatory racer to the bottom. Everything from our relationship with other countries to the food on our plates and our rights at work are at stake.

“We’re two years away from its official implementation, but Brexit is already threatening our current way of life by way of secretive trade policies that favour wealth corporations over the populations they serve.

“Theresa May’s Lancaster recent House speech revealed that she sees trade with non-European countries as key for proving her Brexit strategy a success, which means the UK may be forced to capitulate with leaders like Donald Trump and their overtly pro-corporate agendas.

“Until we fully Brexit, these trade deals are unlikely to become operational but, with secretive, informal negotiations in full swing, it’s high time robust scrutiny of May’s trade plans kicks in too.

“In the recent past, deals like TTIP and TPP threatened to create closed courts in which governments could be sued by disgruntled corporations whose noses had been put out of joint by increasing pro-social regulation – such as bans on tobacco advertising. Given that CETA and TTIP are being widely touted as model trade deals, we are primed for the dangers that lie ahead.”

Lownsbrough sets out the four main risks posed by Brexit:

“With that in mind, it is critical that we understand the four major risks posed by Brexit:

  1. Worsening standards in food production and animal welfare
  2. New trade deals that put profit before people and our planet
  3. Environmental safety
  4. Labour and workers’ rights

“Our best interests will be served by engaging critically with the needs of our population in this turbulent political climate. We must also engage with the substance of current trade deals and ensure that equality, openness and moderation lie at their heart.”

While it is unclear exactly how Brexit will start to affect us all, an energy assessment firm does believe that landlords and property vendors will still be required to have an Energy Performance Certificate in place before letting/selling – so stick to the law!

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