How can you find a reputable letting agent?

There are a number of letting agents on the market, all promoting different services. Choosing the right one therefore can be a tough and time confusing process.

Of course, you will want to find a reliable and reputable agent to look after your investment. You will also need to be clear on what service you require from your letting agent.

Do you want them to look after all aspects of your property? Is it only necessary for them to locate and vet tenants? Will they be responsible for showing potential renters around?

As always, trust is key, so try these three tips to help find the best possible letting agent for your needs…

Time is of the essence-Before selecting an agent, it is important for you to establish roughly how long it will take them to let your property. Obviously, a definitive answer will be tough, given factors like the location and type of property. However, a good agent will be able to inform you if they think your property will take longer to let. It is also a good idea to ask the agent how many people they have in their database that they could contact.

How can you find a reputable letting agent?

How can you find a reputable letting agent?

Try and establish good tenants-A reputable letting should be able to provide in-depth referencing checks on all potential tenants. Ideally, you should choose an agent that will provide tenants who have been fully credit checked, referenced and have received right to rent checks. Ask all possible agents you are considering what services that can provide regarding tenant vetting and cut the risk of claiming on your rent guarantee insurance.

How are they better?- Try and establish what makes your potential agent better than the rest. As mentioned, there are a number of letting agents, all offering similar services. Why should you pick a particular agent? For example, would they be able to provide out of hours viewings, to help attract working tenants? How fast can they fix maintenance problems? Will they carry out inspections of your rental property?

Make a list of the pros and cons that your potential agents have. This way, you will be able to visually see which agents can offer the best service for your property.


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