How can you keep your home cool this summer?

Temperatures in the UK have soared over the last week, with the mercury at Heathrow airport yesterday hitting 34 degrees Celsius!

As Britons though, we love a moan about the weather, and despite our longing for summer, many have been complaining that they are too warm!

Keeping Cool

In order to prevent yourself or your tenants from melting in the heat, there are a number of measures that you can take to keep your property cool in the hot summer months.

These needn’t break the bank and doesn’t necessarily mean throwing money at an air conditioning unit!

As Stephen Jury, spokesperson at Plentific notes: ‘When you get home after a hot day in the office, the last thing you want is to step inside a warm house. Before extreme measures of air conditioning are taken, other smaller, and considerably cheaper options are available.’[1]

Depending on the condition of your property, there are several cheaper methods to help keep you cool all year round:

Install Insulation: While we think of insulation as a measure to keep homes warm during colder months, it is also true to insulation can help to keep heat out in the summer. Insulation works by stopping the passage of heat, usually through walls or lofts. This will stop heat from entering your property during hotter months and make it easier to maintain the internal temperature.

How can you keep your home cool this summer?

How can you keep your home cool this summer?

Paint the walls white: Traditionally, what colour are the walls of houses in hot holiday locations? That’s right, white, and for good reason. White surfaces reflect heat and by even painting a roof or one wall in your property, you will help to deflect heat. You could also think about investing in white curtains and blinds to keep heat away from windows. In addition, painting walls in white could have other advantages. As a neutral colour, it allows tenants to have a blank canvas to add their own homely touches, making it more appealing.

Make sure appliances are off: Of course, the hot weather makes it acceptable to forget your chores for a while! And if you needed any more excuse to put off the ironing or hoovering, appliances can generate a lot of heat! Other appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines use a lot of hot water – therefore running them during the hottest parts of the day will undoubtedly raise the temperature in your property. Cutting down on appliance usage will also be a help when looking to cool your accommodation. Should you have a bad habit of keeping televisions and music systems on standby, start turning them off!




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