How can you keep your rental property cool in the summer?

Temperatures in the UK are again soaring, with the summer holidays starting with sunshine for many children.

As Britons though, we love to complain about the weather, and despite our longing for hot summer days, many have been complaining that they are too warm!

How to keep cool

In order to stop yourself or your tenants from melting in the heat, there are several actions that you can take to keep your rental property cool as the mercury rises.

These measures don’t have to be expensive and there is no need to go and spend money on a pricey air-con unit!

Depending on the condition of your property, there are several cheaper methods to help keep you cool all year round:

Install Some Insulation: While you could be forgiven for thinking of insulation as a measure to keep homes warm in the colder months, it is also true that insulation can assist in keeping heat out in the summer. Insulation works by preventing the passage of heat, normally through walls or lofts. In turn, this will stop heat from coming into your property during warmer months and thus make it simpler to maintain the internal temperature.

How can you keep your rental property cool in the summer?

How can you keep your rental property cool in the summer?

Be All White: Traditionally, what colour are the walls of property in hot holiday locations? That’s correct, white, and for a simple reason. White surfaces reflect heat so even painting a roof or a single wall in your property, you will help to deflect heat. Why not also think about investing in white curtains or blinds to keep heat away from windows? What’s more, painting walls in white could have additional bonuses. As a neutral colour, it lets tenants to have a blank canvas to add their own homely finishes, making it more appealing to renters.

Turn Appliances Off: Without doubt, the hot weather is a perfect excuse to forget doing your chores for a while! If you need any more convincing to put down the iron or hoover, appliances can give off a lot of heat! Appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines use a plenty of hot water – so running them during the warmest parts of the day will certainly raise the temperature in your property. Cutting down on the usage of these gadgets will also be of assistance when looking to cool your accommodation. If you have a bad habit of keeping televisions and other electrical appliances on standby, start turning them off!




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