Changes to Section 21 Notice legislation

From 1st October 2015, new regulations regarding Section 21 Notices came into effect in Britain. These alterations were forced by changes in the Deregulation Act 2015. Landlords must ensure they have a sound knowledge of this particular piece of legislation.

Under the changes, landlords cannot end a tenancy agreement using a Section 21 Notice should they fail to address a complaint about the condition of their proper made by a tenant to their local authority.

As a landlord, you must make sure you both understand and are up to date with the new legislations.


The alterations to the Section 21 notice mean that you must:

  • use a Prescribed Form in order to serve the notice
  • be aware of new restrictions to when a Section 21 Notice can be issued
  • know how long the Section 21 Notice is valid for

More information on the Prescribed Form, alongside detailed notes, can be on the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) Website.

Further changes made by the DCLG are included in the ‘How to Rent Guide,’ which you must issue to all tenants.

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