Changes to Section 8 Notices

Are you aware that the section 8 notice is being changed? This amendment in legislation will affect the way you end a tenancy.

Currently, there are two options that landlords must follow when seeking to end an Assured Shorthold Tenancy agreement (AST). These are:

  • A section 21 notice – This gives landlords a standard route to possession.
  • A section 8 notice – These are used in specific circumstances, in particular, for rent arrears.
Changes to Section 8 Notices

Changes to Section 8 Notices

New wording

From Monday 6th April 2015, new legislation regarding the wording of section 8 notices will come into force. Landlords must ensure that they use the new section 8 notice with the new wording immediately.

We advise deleting any copies of the old notice to avoid confusion.

The new form can be downloaded here:

If you serve a notice with the old wording, a judge may dismiss your case if you are seeking a possession order.

Remember to keep up to date with all the latest changes to the law, so that you do not make yourself liable.











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