Dark nights are looming-keep your property safe!

This weekend sees the end of daylight saving for another year.

Good news-an extra hours sleep on Saturday night!

Bad news-dark nights are about to set in!

As such, it is vitally important that you take sufficient measures to keep your investment property safe-for you and your tenants!

Keep your investment safe

Statistically, the darker nights give more opportunities for burglars to target homes. In November and December, burglaries in the UK increase by an average of 25% per year.[1]

It is imperative that landlords and tenants alike ensure that they undertake some preventative measures to protect both themselves and their property from being targeted by the mindless few.

Dark nights are looming-keep your property safe!

Dark nights are looming-keep your property safe!

Follow these simple but effective measures to ensure you don’t have to claim on your landlord insurance during the dark nights

  • Keep the doors locked-It sounds obvious enough but a large number of burglaries take place as a result of doors and windows being left unlocked! Be sure to lock up before you leave the property. What’s more, don’t leave keys in the vicinity, for example under the mat! Figures released by the police indicate that in 2014, more than 6,000 burglaries occurred after intruders used a key to gain access!
  • Let the light shine-Leaving lamps on a timer will make it look like their is someone in the property when it is empty, thus putting-off would-be thieves. Installing a security light, which will come on when people are in close proximity of your property, is also a good idea.
  • Get help from friends-If you are unable to visit a property during unoccupied periods, get a trusted friend or neighbour to make regular checks. Tell them to put lights on, take mail out of the letterbox and open curtains to make the house look occupied. 
  • Never assume-Don’t ever just assume that your property won’t be a potential target for intruders! Property owners with dwellings above ground floor level could be lead to believe they are safe from the threat of a break-in or damage. However, burglars often go to extreme measures to gain access to a home, so it is so important you do everything you can to ensure your property is as safe as can be during the cold snap!

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