Ensure your property is safe this Easter Bank Holiday weekend!

The Easter Bank Holiday weekend is nearly upon us, so look out for packed retail outlets, rubbish T.V and bad weather!

Last year, roughly six million Britons were planning to have a trip with an overnight stay over the Easter period. Unfortunately, as with all Bank Holidays, this makes them the perfect time for burglars strike.

However, there is no need to go away in fear of potential intruders in your investment property. There are measures that both you and your tenants can take to protect yourselves. Follow these top tips to ensure that your property will be safe, so you can relax and enjoy your break, without having to claim on your unoccupied property insurance!

Lock all the doors- Yes, it sounds simple, but a large number of burglaries take place as inhabitants forget to lock their doors and windows! Some people even leave windows open to allow air-flow whilst they are away! This is a free gift for the mindless few, so be sure to close and lock all entry points before you or your tenants leave for a break.

Don’t provide the key- Many property owners still leave a spare pair of keys in the vicinity of their home, which obviously is a huge security risk. Experienced burglars will look in all places, including under the plant pot! If you have arranged for a friend or neighbour to look after your home whilst you are away, then always lend them a spare key, as opposed to leaving it out!

Look likes someone is in– Most burglars will be deterred if it looks like someone is living in the property. Many are opportunists and if your rental accommodation looks empty, they will be more likely to try and enter. Counter this threat by leaving lights on a timer and getting someone trustworthy to open the curtains and take out the bins.

Ensure your property is safe this Easter Bank Holiday weekend!

Ensure your property is safe this Easter Bank Holiday weekend!

Be visible- If you haven’t already, installing a burglar alarm is a sure-fire way to deter thieves. Make sure your tenants know how to work the device before you leave them in your property! What’s more, installing a motion-sensor triggered security light is a very good way of making intruders think twice.

Do not broadcast your whereabouts- In this current social media climate, it is a sad fact that people cannot go away without their smart phones glued to their hands, uploading boring photos to Facebook! Not only will this lose you some followers but it will show intruders that you are not at home. Landlords, make sure your tenants are very selective on who they broadcast their absence to online!

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