The Evenings may be Lighter, but Lettings Professionals must Remember their Safety

Most of us will be pleased that the days are getting longer and the evenings are lighter, but we’re reminding landlords, letting agents and estate agents to remember their personal safety in the springtime.

Lighter evenings can certainly make arranging property viewings more convenient for self-managing landlords or their letting agents. But you must avoid forgetting how late it can be when meeting a tenant, despite the days getting longer.

The Evenings may be Lighter, but Lettings Professionals must Remember their Safety

The Evenings may be Lighter, but Lettings Professionals must Remember their Safety

Last year, we worked with the Suzy Lamplugh Trust to bring property professionals a comprehensive guide to their personal safety. You can access this helpful document and find out more about Suzy’s story here.

Now that winter is firmly out of the way, some self-managing landlords or even professional letting agents may feel more confident about conducting property viewings during the lighter evenings.

However, we’re reminding all those in the lettings industry, including tenants, to remember the importance of personal safety when visiting properties. Don’t forget: you mustn’t ignore your safety because the evenings feel safer.

The following top tips apply to property viewings all year round, so make sure to put procedures in place this spring if you haven’t already:

  • Implement a buddy system, either with colleagues or friends/family.
  • Have a system in place for a colleague or friend/family member to raise the alarm if an emergency arises.
  • Bring a colleague or friend/family member along to a viewing, whether you’re a letting agent, landlord or tenant.
  • Purchase a safety alarm to take along with you.
  • Find out if anyone else will be present at the property during your viewing.

While these top tips apply specifically to property viewings, they can be used during periodic inspections or dealing with issues at your rental home.

Landlords should also consider the following measures in these circumstances (and tenants could benefit from applying them too):

  • Take a charged mobile phone with you.
  • Let someone know where you’re going and who you’re meeting.
  • Always have a tenant’s phone number on hand.
  • Try and arrange visits for daytime hours.
  • Ensure you always have clear access to an exit.
  • Speak to neighbours if you see them, to let them know that you’re in the property.

Although the spring and the lighter evenings it brings can be beneficial to lettings professionals arranging viewings, it is important to remember that personal safety measures must still be in place.

Don’t let the longer days fool you – you must always consider your safety.

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