Find a Local Tradesperson with This New Service

Are you having trouble finding a reliable, local tradesperson for your rental property? Whatever type of maintenance work you require, this new service could help connect you with a trusted trader.

The HomeOwners Alliance has partnered with the home improvement service to create the Find a Pro tool.

Find a Local Tradesperson with This New Service

Find a Local Tradesperson with This New Service

Over three million people per year make use of the HomeOwners Alliance website, which can now connect you to over 75,000 professional tradespeople in the UK, from interior designers to plumbers.

Customers can use Plentific’s website to post their home improvement projects and have tradespeople contact them with quotes, all within the convenient, free online platform.

The founder of the HomeOwners Alliance, Paula Higgins, says: “We exist to take the stress out of buying, selling and running your home, and have partnered with Plentific because their tool seamlessly connects homeowners in need of a local tradesman.

“So whether you need to fix a leaking tap or get a kitchen extension, this new service lets you find and get quotes from tradesmen today. We are particularly impressed by the guarantee consumers get when using a verified Plentific tradesman, offering extra protection and peace of mind, should anything go wrong.”

She adds: “This Find a Tradesman service, alongside our free advice guides and a range of other services that allow you to find a mortgage, find an estate agent, find a conveyancing solicitor and more, means we’re the go-to site for a growing number of homeowners.”

Cem Savas, the co-founder of Plentific, also comments: “Plentific is proud to have partnered with the HomeOwners Alliance. Our businesses will complement each other well to serve homeowners by providing expert advice on everything from buying a home to finding a trusted tradesman.”

The new service can be found at:

Landlords, make use of the new tool to ensure you use reliable, trusted tradespeople in your rental property.

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