Remember that First Impressions Count when Selling or Letting Your Property

You only get one chance to make good first impressions with prospective buyers or tenants. If you’re selling or letting your property, remember that first impressions really do count!

Making small improvements to your property could really help to maximise your sale or rental price, so it’s worth focusing on areas that need some attention.

The Sales Director at Romans estate agent, Antony Gibson, insists: “Buyers make a decision in the first few minutes when looking at a property, so getting it right first time is important.”

If you don’t know where to start, here are a few suggestions to ensure great first impressions:

Kerb appeal

The first step is to look at the outside of the property – this is going to be the first thing that a buyer/renter will see. Ask yourself some key questions: Does the home look inviting? Would the exterior of the property make you want to get out of the car?

Remember that First Impressions Count when Selling or Letting Your Property

Remember that First Impressions Count when Selling or Letting Your Property

Look closely at the details: Is the paint coming off the doors and windows? Can you see the door number easily? Is the lawn overgrown? Are there weeds? First impressions should be welcoming!

Giving the exterior of the property a facelift will increase kerb appeal, and could even add value to the home.

If there is a walkway into the home, make sure that it is defined and tidy – also, look out for potential hazards that viewers could trip up on. Viewings could happen in the evenings, so you must check that the outdoor lighting works properly.

Minor repairs

The last thing you want potential buyers or tenants to notice is broken lights, leaky taps or loose doorknobs – fixing minor repairs will improve the overall feel of the property.

It may also be a good idea to add a fresh lick of neutral coloured paint to make the home feel like a blank canvas for buyers/renters, so they can put their own stamp on things.

Freshen up 

Buyers/tenants really don’t want to smell last night’s dinner or pet odours when walking around the property. Freshen up each room with either sprays or by opening the windows. Opening up the curtains will also add light into the rooms, which helps the home feel light and airy.

Using the space in each room appropriately will help buyers/tenants see the potential of each room. If you have any large items of furniture that do not fit into the space, consider removing them ahead of viewings.

De-clutter, de-personalise and clean 

Buyers love to have a look at everything, so there’s no place to hide – make sure that storage units, cupboards and even under the stairs are tidy.

Before a viewing, make sure that any dirty washing or pots are clean, and go around each room to tidy anything that is out of place.

If you do have pets, tidy away their cages/litter trays to avoid putting buyers or tenants off.

And remember to clean everything! This includes windows, doors, blinds and outside space, with particular focus on the kitchen and bathroom. Ahead of viewings, make sure you’ve vacuumed and dusted – a clean property will not distract potential buyers/tenants.

Landlords, if you’ve decided to sell your property or are looking for new tenants, follow these tips to ensure you achieve the best first impressions.

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