Five Gifts to Buy a Landlord this Christmas

In last week’s blog post, we looked at five things that all landlords really want for Christmas, including tenants paying their rent on time, a full property portfolio and a strong property market.

However, if your friend or loved one is a landlord, wrapping a rent arrear-free Christmas and putting it under the tree may be a little bit tricky, so this week we have created a list of presents that any landlord would be happy to receive.

  • A tablet

Being a landlord means you have to stay organised at all times and in order to do this it’s wise to keep everything noted down.

These days, having all the information you need with you at all times is extremely easy and a tablet is a great way to store and access information on the move.

There is a range of tablets that you can choose from on the market right now, with the costs ranging from under £100 to upwards of £500.

Which one you choose should not only depend on your budget, but also the features it includes, such as calendars, reminders, email and anything else you think a landlord would need on a day to day basis.

  • A pen set
Five Gifts to Buy a Landlord this Christmas

Five Gifts to Buy a Landlord this Christmas

Even though most landlords use a wide range of technology to organise their businesses, they should also always have a pen on them in order to note down reminders or even sign contracts.

Giving a landlord a pen set will not only allow them to sign their contracts in style, but will also make them look and feel even more professional to their tenants.

Don’t forget, you can also have most pen sets engraved with your own message or the name of your friend or family member, so if you want a present with a real personal feel this could be the one for you.

  • A watch

If you are looking for something truly special to splash out on this Christmas, then why not get the landlord you know a watch?

Being punctual for meetings is a huge aspect of being a landlord, especially as most days they have multiple meetings all in different areas, and so having a good quality watch is essential.

If you are thinking of investing in a watch, make sure you try and decipher the type of style your family member or friend would appreciate, and always keep the receipt just in case!

We are sure that any landlord would be extremely grateful for such a thoughtful gift and it could even help them run their business more smoothly in the future.

  • Vouchers for a hardware store

While this isn’t the most exciting gift in the world, landlords often have to spend a lot of their time and money in hardware stores buying bits and pieces to help with the maintenance of their properties.

Even if a renovation is being covered and organised by their landlord insurance provider, there is always the chance that the landlord will need something to help with the job, and having some vouchers handy means they won’t have to spend their own money.

This could also be a great gift to pop in a card and mail, as it won’t cost you any extra to send.

  • A pair of slippers and a cup of tea

If there’s one thing that all landlords look forward to at Christmas, it’s sitting down and relaxing for five minutes.

Being a landlord means you have to be extremely organised, attend multiple meetings per day and always be on call in case something happens to one of their properties.

A nice pair of slippers and a hot cup of tea is therefore the perfect treat for any landlord, and we are sure that they will really appreciate you helping them make the time to enjoy their Christmas as much as possible. Just don’t be surprised if they fall asleep after a few mince pies!

Finding the ideal Christmas present for a landlord doesn’t have to be difficult and while you may not be able to guarantee them a stress-free Christmas, thoughtful gifts will be able to improve their business in the future and help them enjoy the festive period as much as possible.

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