Five Tips for Landlords in Winter

British Gas recently revealed that 49% of people do not look forward to winter.

With many homeowners worried about their houses withstanding the cold temperatures, heavy rain, strong winds and potentially snow, landlords should also be preparing their properties for the coming wintertime.

As the private rental sector is growing, it is vital that you ensure your property is maintained to the highest standard and your tenants are protected.

Tenants should feel comfortable and safe within their homes, especially during the winter. Here are five things you can do to keep your property in a good working order this winter:

External inspections

Your tenants may not notice these issues, but outside problems can quickly cause damage inside – and your tenant will definitely notice this.

Five Tips for Landlords in Winter

Five Tips for Landlords in Winter

Check all outside windows, walls, doors and the roof for any faults. Cracked tiles should be replaced and ventilated cowls can be added to disused chimney pots.

Remember to keep your gutters clean, repair any running overflows and remove moss.


We advise having your boilers serviced for winter and checking all pipes and radiators for leaks.

If your tenants will not be at the property over winter, the system should be drained down, as well as all hot and cold water pipes.

Check whether your landlord insurance covers breakdowns, if not, organise this with your boiler company.


Loft insulation should always be up to current standards and grants may be available to upgrade.

It is also be a good idea to consider cavity wall insulation, double or secondary glazing and lagging pipes.

You can avoid draughts be checking pointing on door and window frames, applying sealant to skirting boards and filling gaps in wooden flooring. This will help keep the home energy efficient and help save money on utility bills.


One in ten people are worried about suffering from flooding this winter. To avoid this, protect exterior pipes with insulation sleeves if possible.

Outside paving 

Water can freeze on paving slabs, making them extremely slippery and putting your tenants and any of their guests at risk.

This could cause insurance issues and your tenants could claim compensation if they hurt themselves.

To prevent this, ensure that all paving is well drained.

Are you worried about winter and what are you doing to prevent any issues?

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