Is Friday Really the Best Day to Move Home?

Traditionally, Friday is the most popular day to move home, particularly for those buying a property. But is it really the best day to do so?

Is Friday Really the Best Day to Move Home?

Is Friday Really the Best Day to Move Home?

Fridays are popular, as it allows the mover to unpack over the weekend and settle into their new home without having to take too much time off work. You may also have friends and family who can help you move home, who will be more available over the weekend.

Unsurprisingly, Monday is the second most popular day to move, as this is also connected to the weekend.

Although moving on a Friday can cause less disruption to a housing chain, as most other people will opt to move on a Friday, there are a few downsides…

Sometimes, bank money transfer systems can get overloaded, particularly on the last Friday of the month. If you’re buying your home, you will need the transfers to take place to ensure that you don’t end up homeless for the weekend.

If something does go wrong during your move, the advantage of completing and moving on any other weekday but a Friday is that your solicitor and estate agent will be in the office the next day.

In addition, if there is a problem with your new home, it could be difficult or expensive to hire a tradesperson to come and fix it on a Friday afternoon or over the weekend.

Removal companies will also be much busier on a Friday, as this is the most popular day to move. It shouldn’t cost you any more, but you may find that the firm has limited availability, so you may not receive the attention you need.

Estate and letting agents are also more likely to be busy on a Friday, while landlords with large portfolios may be managing other tenants’ moves, so it could be wise to choose a day with lower demand, so that you get the service you require.

If you are in a chain, it will be almost impossible to dictate the move day, however, and chances are that it will be set for a Friday. In these cases, be aware that it’s preferable to complete in the morning, as the bank deadline for transferring money is usually 3pm. Ask your solicitor to order the mortgage funds to arrive from your lender before the day of completion, to allow the money to be transferred first thing.

If you are buying, not selling, you don’t have to move in on the day you complete. It may be wise to complete on a Thursday and move in on the Friday.

Although you may be planning to move on a Friday to allow you the weekend for unpacking, you will likely realise that it’s going to take a lot longer than this – consider moving on another day if you can.

Landlords, which day have you found to be the most popular for tenants moving in and out?

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