Our garden improvement tips for a barbecue summer

Over the colder months, it’s easy to let your garden fall into an unusable state. Now the summer weather is back, it’s time to focus on making garden improvements.

You will want to make the most of the good British weather we have, so why wait until the last minute to make preparations? Keep on top of maintenance and you’ll be ready to fire up the barbecue at a moment’s notice. Here are our garden improvement tips to help:

Create an area for seating

Think about whether you want a seating area on grass or a patio. Grass is more picturesque and cheaper to implement in the first place. However, any furniture will have to be moved around regularly to avoid the grass dying.

Having a level surface for your barbecue will also be helpful!

Tidy up storage areas

In the UK rain can appear at the drop of a hat, so you will want to have somewhere to put away any garden furniture that you want to keep dry.

Having all your gardening tools tidily stored away will also make it less of a chore when it’s time to get them out again. Remember to also keep your tools clean – it’s simple enough to hose off the soil and grass and leave them out to dry before putting them away.

Keeping your barbecue well-maintained and stored away carefully is also important. This will help to get the longest life out of it and make sure it’s ready to go as soon as the sun comes out.

garden improvement
Our garden improvement tips for a barbecue summer

Have a space for lawn games

This garden improvement is handy if it’s big enough. Separate your garden to have lawn games in their own space to avoid damaging the plants. If you plan on playing games like boules, you will want to also make sure the grass is cut to the right height.

Encourage wildlife to visit

Without insects to pollinate our plants, our gardens would be looking rather bare. The same goes for birds when it comes to spreading seeds about. Consider setting up little shelters for wildlife, which can be as simple as some logs, branches or a rockery. Bird feeders and birdhouses will also help and can make attractive additions to a garden.

Landlord garden improvement tips

Landlords, as well as passing these tips on to your tenants, you can apply them yourself when getting properties ready for your next tenants. We hope these tips will also give you an idea of what to look out for when undertaking periodic inspections.


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