Gas Safety Week 2018 – Keep Everyone Safe from Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

carbon monoxide

carbon monoxideThis is our final day of promoting this year’s Gas Safety Week. We hope you have found our articles informative, whether you are a landlord or a tenant.

Throughout the week, we have been listing tips to help you understand the dangers of carbon monoxide. From the causes of carbon monoxide, to the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning, it is essential that everyone knows the details, to prevent being caught out by the life-threatening gas.

If you wish to learn more about Gas Safety Week and get involved, visit the official website, or search for #GSW2018 on social media.

Educating people of all ages is key. If you do unfortunately have a gas leak in your house, making sure that your children understand the signs will mean that they will also know if something is wrong. This year, the Gas Safe Register held a competition for 5-11 year-olds to design a badge, advertising Gas Safety Week. This is a good way of approaching the subject, and will encourage children to ask questions, to better their understanding.

We can’t stress enough the importance of regular maintenance for your gas appliances. Ensure that you bring in a qualified and Gas Safe registered engineer every 12 months to check everything over. Know the signs of carbon monoxide poisoning (headaches, dizziness, breathlessness or nausea, collapsing, loss of consciousness).

Landlords, show your support for the campaign, and let your tenants know. Consider starting every new tenancy by providing this information, or at least direct them to the Gas Safe register website to find out more. The Gas Safe Register advises that landlords should make sure their tenants know where and how to turn the gas off. Make sure that they know what to do in the event of a gas emergency. Equally, all of this information could come in useful for yourself and your own family.

Remember to supply your tenants with a copy of the current gas safety record. This is a legal requirement, so remember to do so within 28 days of completion of the check.

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