Gas Safety Week – Landlord Responsibilities

Gas Safety Week - Landlord Responsibilities

Gas Safety Week - Landlord ResponsibilitiesThe Health and Safety Executive (HSE) reported last year that around 350 people had been killed or injured due to carbon monoxide poisoning. We have joined the campaign to raise awareness of this issue, as there are certain responsibilities that landlords must acknowledge. By ensuring that you are doing all you can do, and should do, to keep your property maintained, you are reducing the risk to the tenants living in your property.

As a landlord, you are legally obliged to ensure that the following points are adhered to:

  • Gas pipework, appliances and flues provided for tenants must be maintained and kept in a safe condition
  • All gas appliances and flues provided for use by tenants must have an annual safety check
  • Maintenance and annual safety checks must be carried out by a qualified engineer, who is Gas Safe registered
  • All equipment using gas (including anything left behind by previous tenants) must be safe or otherwise removed before re-letting a property
  • A Gas Safety Record must be provided to tenants within 28 days of the related checks being done. It should also be provided to any new tenants before they move in.
  • As the landlord, you need to keep a copy of the Gas Safety Record for two years.

Regular safety checks are important to ensure that any issues with appliances are spotted and fixed as soon as possible. You can set up a reminder for these checks by visiting the Stay Gas Safe website. By selecting the month in which you would like the reminder, your email address and mobile number, you can set up free alerts. Once set up, you will be reminded by email or text once it’s time to get your appliances checked.

Whoever you decide to go with for your engineer, it is vital that you remember to check that they are qualified to carry out the work that needs doing. This can be dependant on the appliances that need checking.

You can find the right engineer for the job by visiting the Gas Safe Register website. The relevant information will also be present on the engineer’s Gas Safe ID card, which you should always check to confirm. This information will consist of a license number and valid from and expiry dates. On the back of the ID card you will find a list of the types of work they are qualified to do.

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Let your tenants know that they should check the card, if you are not personally present when the engineer arrives at the property.

By doing all you can as a landlord to ensure the gas appliances in your property are safe and fully functioning, you are reducing the risk of people being killed or injured by carbon monoxide poisoning.

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