Get your garden ready for viewings!

With Spring beginning to bloom, now is the perfect time to make sure the garden of your investment property is in good shape.

Should you be looking to attract a family or if you own a property in a busy city, the garden is of massive importance to would-be renters. A warm summer (we hope!) is just around the corner, so now is the time to get your garden ready for those family gatherings, barbeques and relaxing afternoons.

Consider these tips and get the perfect garden for your rental property:

Get the basics right-Before you even contemplate making your garden look pretty, you must make sure that it looks neat and tidy. Establish clear borders and replace any broken fence panels. Remember to cut the grass before a viewing is scheduled.

Simplicity is key-You do not want to design a garden that requires a lot of maintenance from either yourself or your tenants. Naturally, it is the tenants’ responsibility to cut grass, water plants and keep furniture tidy. It is not advisable to expect them to be responsible for expensive flower arrangements, water features or greenhouses!

Get your garden ready for viewings!

Get your garden ready for viewings!

Fork out for furniture-No matter the outdoor room that your property possesses, you as a landlord should provide your tenants with outdoor future, so they can at least enjoy warm evenings with a glass of something cold! For larger areas, you should provide full dining equipment, which do not need to break the bank. Many quality dining sets are available second hand.

Keep it colourful-A well-kept, colourful garden will look extremely attractive to would-be suiters and will definitely negate the chances of your property staying unoccupied. Particularly in the Spring and Summer months, look to decorate your garden area with hanging baskets or small plant pots. Not only will these look lovely, they are easy to maintain.

Feel the pressure-Most important before a viewing, make sure you remove all dirt and grime from patios, flooring and walls areas of your garden. Using a pressure washer or hose will make this much easier. If you do not possess this equipment, it is usually available from a local garden centre for a nominal fee.


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