Going away for Easter? Make sure your property is accessible!

The shops are full of chocolate eggs. Daffodils are beginning to bloom. Cases of booze are on special offer. Yes, the Easter Bank holiday is nearly upon us!

As always, the roads are sure to be packed with people looking to get away for the extended weekend and the school holidays.

But what if you are looking to rent out your property? What should you do to ensure that viewings and a potential tenancy agreement can be secured while you are away?

If you have a letting agent, follow these tips to get an egg-cellent agreement this Easter!

  • Inform your agent-This sounds simple enough but don’t forget to inform your agent that you are going away. Make sure they can gain access to your property and avoid the embarrassment of turning away potential renters. 
  • Clean your property-Again, a simple piece of advice but if you are planning on going away for a few days, make sure your property is spotless. Empty the bins, wipe down surfaces and ensure there are no pots left in the sink!
Going away for Easter? Make sure your property is accessible!

Going away for Easter? Make sure your property is accessible!

  • Obliterate the odours- Don’t leave washing on the radiators ,leave dying flowers in the vase or rotting fruit in the bowl. Instead, make sure that you plug in an air freshener or get some new flowers to give your property a clean, fresh and welcoming smell for potential viewers.
  • Be contactable-Yes, you are going away but make sure your letting agent can contact you should they need to. You do not want to face claiming on your unoccupied property insurance should you miss out on an offer! 

The Easter break is a perfect opportunity to recharge your batteries but also marks the busiest time of year for those looking for a new property. With the clocks going forwards, more daylight means more viewings after people have finished work.

Should your rental property be on the market, carrying out some simple TLC before you leave will make sure it looks the very best for any potential renters.!


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