Builders Report Unfortunate Home Disasters that Occur at Christmastime

Home Disasters

Builders Report Unfortunate Home Disasters that Occur at Christmastime

Christmas is a time for good will and peace, but sometimes the unexpected can catch us off guard, when it comes to mishaps around the house. As much as we just want to put our feet up and watch the Queen’s Speech with a bowl of Christmas pudding with brandy sauce, sometimes we end up with more pressing matters to deal with…

New data from the Federation of Master Builders (FMB) has highlighted the issues that builders have most often been asked to deal with during the Christmas period.

The following list contains the most common issues that builders have come across:

1. 86% of builders have dealt with leaking roofs; 

This is not surprising at this time of year, when we’re getting either heavy rain or snow.

2. 74% of builders have fixed leaks from defective lead flashings and apron to chimney stack;

This can also lead to water leaking into the property. It can be a big task to fix, however, so get it sorted, as soon as you notice a problem!

3. 51% of builders have repaired damage caused to the property because of blocked gutters;

We cannot stress the importance of regular gutter maintenance. Removing any build-up of leaves and moss will save you a lot of hassle, later on.

4. 47% of builders have dealt with leaking windows;

Regular checks of your windows can help. Look out for sealing gaps or cracks, and re-seal them before it gets any worse.

5. 44% of builders have dealt with burst pipes;

A major cause of this is from cold temperatures causing the water within the pipes to freeze, which then expands and causes them to crack.

6. 37% of builders have dealt with leaking doors;

Keep an eye on the rubber seals around the edge of the door. The older they are, the more they will become worn and need replacing.

7. 33% of builders have arranged for a broken boiler to be fixed;

No one wants to spend Christmas wrapped up in blankets in a freezing house, but boilers can be unpredictable.

8. 29% of builders have fixed damage caused to the property by falling branches from trees;

Along with the rain comes the wind, at this time of year. If there are trees growing close to your home, then you may want to hire an accredited tree surgeon to trim them back, in order to avoid any incidents with falling branches, in the future.

9. 24% of builders have arranged for electrical wiring to be fixed.

The last thing you need on Christmas day is a wiring issue that leads to faulty lighting or plug sockets that don’t work. Again, regular checks can help you keep on top of anything that requires maintenance.

Brian Berry, chief executive of the FMB, said: “The festive period is a busy time for builders. They are regularly called out to fix leaks, burst pipes and broken boilers over the Christmas period, with leaking roofs topping the list.

“Christmas is a costly time of year and the last thing homeowners want to spend their money on is emergency home improvement work.”

Christmas is the worst time of year for you to be calling out an emergency builder. Not only will their time be more costly during the festive period, but also landlords and tenants alike don’t want to be pulled away from their loved ones, to deal with DIY disasters. This is why periodic inspections are vital, as they allow landlords to keep down costs, by catching issues early. They also provide the perfect opportunity for tenants to bring any matters that they are aware of to their landlord’s attention.


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