Would-be homeowners most drawn to clutter when viewing property

An interesting new study has revealed that a quarter of time spent by would-be tenants and buyers viewing a property is focused on looking at clutter and mess!

The report from Anglian Home Improvements used eye-tracking technology in order to ascertain what house hunters really focus upon when looking at a property. It found that men tend to focus on the exterior while women are more focused on the interior.


For the survey, a number of house-hunters viewed a property while wearing eye-tracking glasses in order to see what took their attention in the viewing.

Furnishings and décor took up 27% of peoples’ focus during the viewing, with 24% spent looking at clutter and mess. On the other hand, the layout of the house took up only 4% of viewers’ time.

Females were most distracted by clutter, with 28% distracted as opposed to 20% of men.

Men however spent more time looking at the structure and features of a home than men, with 32% in comparison to 22%. Women looked more at decoration, with 16% compared to 13%

Would-be homeowners most drawn to clutter when viewing property

Would-be homeowners most drawn to clutter when viewing property


Looking at the results, Matt Carey, head of digital marketing at Anglian Home Improvements, noted that clutter and unusual décor are most likely to distract would-be inhabitants. This in turn makes it harder to see themselves living in the property.

Carey said: ‘‘It was very interesting to learn that so little of the participants behaviour was focused on the building and structural features, apart from the things that needed to be fixed.’[1]

‘Although it is easy to forget to mend that broken light switch or socket, the fact that all the participants lingered on the badly installed light switch in the study just goes to show these little things are noticed during house viewings and will make the idea of them living in the property seem much further away,’ she continued.[1]

Concluding, Carey said: ‘With nearly a fifth of the house hunters’ time spent looking out the window, one of the top tips from this experiment is to make sure the view from your windows is up to scratch.’[1]


[1] http://www.propertywire.com/news/uk/eye-tracking-study-suggests-buyers-drawn-clutter-viewing-home/

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