Keep Safe this Bonfire Night with our Top Tips

This coming Sunday (5th November), it’s Bonfire Night once more. Although such an event is often exciting, it can be highly dangerous. We have some top tips to help you keep safe…

In a recent year, there were 990 injuries caused by fireworks in October and November – 494 of those were caused to children, who were injured by sparklers or fireworks. Furthermore, 479 people of all ages required hospital treatment as a result of their injuries.

121 of those injuries happened during public displays, while 475 occurred at family events or private parties. Out of the injuries, a total of 285 of them were eye injuries.

With so much potential for a catastrophic Bonfire Night, we have some dos and don’ts that will keep you, your family and your property safe on Sunday:


Stand far away from both the fire and fireworks.

Light only one sparkler at a time and do so at arm’s length.

Only use sparklers if supervised by an adult.

Keep your cat and dog inside during bonfire night.

Make sure an adult checks the bonfire for hiding pets or wild animals before it is lit.

Keep a bucket of water ready for emergencies.

Keep Safe this Bonfire Night with our Top Tips


Go near a firework after it has been lit.

Go near a firework after it has gone off – leave it for adults to clean up.

Use sparklers without wearing gloves.

Give sparklers to someone under the age of five.

Keep the bonfire in the way of things such as trees and buildings.

Light fireworks after 11pm, as this is illegal.

If you’re going to be the one lighting fireworks this Bonfire Night, here is a step-by-step guide to doing so safely:

How to light fireworks safely

As fireworks are very dangerous, it is important to be very careful, and special precautions will need to be taken by adults:

  1. Lay out the firework while it’s standing on its bottom or stand. Adults need to make sure that there are no flammable materials or plants nearby.
  2. The adult will then warn people in the area that they are about to light the firework.
  3. Once the firework is lit, the adult will then make sure no one else is in the area of the firework and walk away.
  4. The firework has been lit, it flies through the sky. Time to clean up. An adult will have a bucket of water nearby to store them in for the time being.
  5. When the night is over, it is safe to put the wet fireworks in the bin.

Bonfire Night can be one of the most exciting times of the year, and it should be! But it is important to keep safe, whether you’re attending a public event or hosting a celebration at home.

You may not know these facts about Bonfire Night:

  • Fireworks can travel at speeds of up to 150mph – the cruising speed of some biplanes.
  • It is illegal to sell fireworks to anyone under the age of 18.
  • If three sparklers burn together, they will do so at the same heat of a blowtorch used for joining metal.
  • Until 1959, it was illegal not to celebrate Bonfire Night in the UK.
  • Bonfire Night was originally called Bone Fire.
  • Throwing a firework is a criminal offence, and you could be fined up to £5,000 for doing so.

We wish you a happy and safe Bonfire Night this Sunday!

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