Keep up the summer vibes in your property!

The kids are going back to school. Dark nights are drawing in. Shorts and swimwear are being sold off.

Yes, the end of the summer is here and you could be forgiven for feeling a little bit low. However, you can keep summer vibes going by making sure your investment property can capture some warmth!

Sunny style

Interior designer Nina Campbell believes that using pinks and coral mixes can, ‘embrace the colours that summer celebrates. For me, this means pink rose shades, delphiniums, mauves and purples. Take a lesson from nature and replicate the way it mixes all those tones.’[1]

Here are a few tips to give your property the insurance of summer vibes year-round!

Use fantastic fabrics-Typically, linen sofa covers are more summery. However, woollen throws, mostly associated with Winter nights, can be light too. This is all down to the colour. Think about using burning orange, tranquil blue and positive pink.

Let there be light-Nothing is worse about the end of summer than dark nights. This said, creating a cool lighting effect in your property can take away the angst. Consider swapping standard light fittings for LED lights. James Basson, award-winning garden designer at Chelsea, believes that providing lighting in the gaps between trees and shrubs can bring a magic to outdoor space.

Keep up the summer vibes in your property!

Keep up the summer vibes in your property!

Smell success-Experts suggest that our sense of smell is linked to memory and emotion. Fragrant smells can bring a lift to any room, with summer scents fresh and furity. Natural scent specialist Alexandra Soveral advises to, ‘go for floral or citrus scents, such as orange blossom and bergamot, or try a touch of jasmine cut with lemon zest. It should feel light yet powerful.’[1]

Be bold and bright-Traditionally, fences are either brown or dark green. However, why not throw caution to the Autumn breeze and use vibrant colours to make them bright and bold. A number of weather-resistant paints are available to give your fence or shed colour, even when the flowers die! Emily Simpson, Cuprinol’s colour and design expert, notes, ‘blues and yellows will add a lively touch to small spaces while pastels work well in bigger plots.’[1]

Pull a blinder-A lively blind can brighten up even the dampest Autumn day. Again, think about bright colours, such as blues or soft greens, to give your room a lovely summer feel all year round.


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